At ING LAW, each and every of us live our common purpose: "To ensure that our client benefits to the greatest extent possible from the rule of law."


Being sincere, and having high moral principles are in our DNA. We care about our quality of trustworthiness towards our clients. We unify our strengths in our everyday operations to promote our virtue of professionalism. TRANSPARENCY, TRUST and RESPECT are shared by each and every team member. At ING LAW, INTEGRITY is transparency in our actions, among ourselves, with our clients and with our partners. We take pride in being consistent in what we say and what we do.

Being willing to give more than what we were asked for is another crucial element in our DNA. We believe that, to do our jobs correctly, we need to go beyond a classic "we offer what you've asked for". This mindset leads us to be demanding to ourselves, and be ready to offer useful advice without being asked for. We feel that "being generous" closely implies the meaning of "being responsible". At ING LAW, we make great efforts to listen first, and then provide necessary support. This is the fundamental of our actions.