Meeting with the Ministry of Commerce

25 October 2023

Mr. CHHEAV Narath, Managing Director ING LAW and CoGen Consulting Group, EuroCham Board Member and Chairman of the Human Resources Committee attended the meeting with the Ministry of Commerce on October 25, 2023.

To wrap up the second day, the team went to the Ministry of Commerce where they met with newly appointed Minister H.E. Cham Nimul. Concerns were voiced about the nation's intentions to promote itself and increase awareness of its investment potential. The ministry's top priorities continued to be export readiness and increasing process digitization to speed up document submission and registration. Along with plans to diversify the industry's sourcing markets, the Industrial Transformation Map for the Textile and Apparel Industry 2023–2026 was highlighted.

Formalizing the informal sector was given a lot of weight, and the delegation once again pushed for tougher enforcement of laws pertaining to illegal and counterfeit goods. In light of the impending graduation from LDC status, these initiatives aim to fortify domestic markets while simultaneously establishing fair and transparent conditions for foreign investors to join the market.