Meeting with the Council for the Development of Cambodia

24 October 2023

Mr. CHHEAV Narath, Managing Director ING LAW and CoGen Consulting Group, EuroCham Board Member and Chairman of the Human Resources Committee attended the meeting with the Council for the Development of Cambodia on October 24, 2023.

H.E. Nut Un-Voanra, the deputy secretary general, and the Council for the Development of Cambodia met next. There was a lot of discussion about the newly enacted Law on Investment and the 18 priority industries that qualify for tax breaks. In order to boost investment potential, there was a push for greater awareness of sustainability principles and reduced logistics costs.

We wanted more information about the automotive industry, which is currently losing its reputation due to the departure of major brands and the strength of the grey market, which is creating uncertainty in the market. One inquiry for the CDC concerned the significance of developing a distinctive Cambodian narrative to share with the world, as this could encourage investment since people would have a more positive perception of the Kingdom and its commercial advantages.