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2015-06: Rights Groups Seek Consultation With Cambodian Parliament on NGO Draft Law

Rights groups want Cambodia’s parliament to hold a consultation with civil society about a controversial draft law on nongovernmental organizations approved Friday by the government.

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2015-05: Can Cambodia Become the Gateway to ASEAN’s 600 MillionConsumers

Cambodia has a lot to offer to international investors: political and macroeconomic stability, a pro-business government, competitive investment incentives and a great location. Read more on K@W...

2015-04: (Leadership) How Corporate Boards Can Make a Difference

The principles of corporate governance are just as applicable in the ASEAN region as they are in the U.S. Yet there are subtle differences in implementation. Read more on K@W

2015-04: China’s AIIB Recasts Development Finance — and U.S.Influence

Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and South Korea are among the dozens of countries that have signaled their intention to be founding members of the new bank. Read more on K@W...



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